The Young Women Think movement

The pioneer movement of Women Act Solutions.

The YWT movement is the pioneer movement of Women Act Solutions. This movement is conceived and driven by young women in Nigeria who are passionate about creating meaningful change that transforms their communities and creates an enabling environment for young women to thrive and realize their full potentials. Through this movement young women across communities have successfully mobilized and organized to strengthen governance processes, and improve social outcomes for women. Thanks to the support from the International Secretariat for Water, and the Youth for Water and Climate, young women in Imo State have successfully engaged their government to improve access to basic obstetrics services for pregnant women and nursing mothers across communities in the state through a WASH centric approach.

Our areas of work

Our interventions cut across two (2) thematic pillars

Unequal access and opportunities

Addressing the underlying factors and barriers that limits women’s access and opportunities across the social spectrum (health, education, governance and political participation, employment/economic opportunity)

Unequal access and opportunities(contd)

● Discriminatory norms and practices that limits the capacities of women and girls to realize their full potentials and livelihoods ● Gender based violence and sexual harassment ● Gender equitable/sensitive policies, rules/regulations

Improved power and collective agency among women and girls

This entails increased ability of women and girls to safely express and articulate struggles, increased bargaining/influencing power, and increased ability to make and act on decisions collectively to address issues.